COG driver ICs

Driver for Segment Displays

By assembly of the display driver on the glass substrate, the chip-on-glass technology provides following advantages:

  • Reduction of the connector pins to the PCB to a minimum
  • Only the power supply and a communication interface must be arranged
  • The driver IC distributes the necessary multiplex rates and Bias voltages for the segment control

COG driver ML1001 forstatic segment control

The COG driver ML1001 provides a serial interface for controlling up to 40 segments per IC. Up to 3 ICs can be cascaded to control 120 segments.

COG driver ML2002

The driver ML2002 can operate statically, or at MUX½ (multiplexer) via a serial interface. ML2002 controls thereby statically up to 48 segments, and at MUX½, 96. A maximum of two ICs can be cascaded for controlling of statically 96, and in MUX½, 192 segments.

Advantages of the COG drivers ML1001 and ML2002:

  • Wide viewing angle from all sides
  • Voltage range of 2.0 - 6.0V (ML1001) and 2.5 - 6.0V for ML2002
  • Integrated RC oscillator with a frequency of 32 KHz
  • No temperature compensation required from -40 ° C - + 80 ° C. The LC-Display can always be read
  • 5 pin contacting

The specifications of both driver types have been provided as download here.




For the conception of a COG module, please contact us. For your development you will find here our checklist for COG modules.

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