Our offered E-Papers types are based on the E Ink Corporation display technology and represent one of the currently most innovative technology in the market.

The light on an E-Paper display is reflected as on ordinary paper. They are therefore referred to passive (non-luminous) displays, or as reflective displays, and have no backlight. However, they can be illuminated by a front light.

E-Paper are characterized by an extremely high contrast and can be read perfectly on all sides, even in bright sunlight. Compared to other display technologies, the background of a E-Paper display is almost "white".

E-Paper displays are bi-stable. That means, the representation of the display content is maintained, without applied voltage. Just to change the display contents a short-term power supply is required. However, these displays are only suitable for applications that require not a permanent display change.

E-Paper Displays are available as:

To give an overview about the complex topic of e-paper to you, we have a provided a summary on general questions to the E-Paper technology as well as an  outlook on future expectant processings . In addition, we recommend our expert reports on the subject under the menu item "Press".

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