Standard TFT-Displays

Thin Film Transistor

TFT Modul

In sizes from 0.90" with a resolution of 80x160 pixel, up to 15.6" with 1920 x 1080 pixels, we offer a wide range of standard TFT displays:

  • optional with resistive or capacitive touch
  • with enhanced viewing angle
  • extended temperature range
  • sunlight readable as transflective or transmissive version
  • special size TFTs, such as round shape or bar type and ultra-wide screen TFTs
  • with converter board, e.g. HDMI → USB

Owing to the given market conditions a long-term availability (> 3 years) cannot be guaranteed for all sizes. Therefore, special attention should be paid in your decision for a new TFT display application, to the dimension. Due to their market penetration, some TFT sizes have benefit’s in availability.

If an existing product discontinued, we can adapt a similar product from another manufacturer so that it can be used with your previous connector.These adjustments affect the backlight and/or the FPC cable (if possible, Pin-compatible).  As a result, you just need to invest in adapting your software.

The below offered downloads lists of standard TFT do not claim to be exhaustive and is subject to technical changes. If you can’t find a suitable TFT in our standard program, we will be glad to develop a customized TFT solution together with you.

Under the heading: Display surroundings, we gave a review of the available touch panels for you. 

For some time, a phenomenon in TFT has been realized, which is technically known as "image sticking" or "Burn In". Often the incidence of this image and display behavior can be reduced in continuous operation. Information about a scientific survey and which recommendations can from our point of view be made, we have summarized for you under the heading "About Displays".

TFT with mechanical longterm availability

 TFT Module sizes

Sunlight readable TFT Modules

Wide temperature TFT Modules

Touch panel TFT Modules

Special shape TFT Modules

TFT with converter board HDMI USB

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