We are ADKOM™

ADKOM ™ Elektronik GmbH has been your competent partner for planning, coordination and implementation of display projects since its foundation in 1992. Our high quality standard is maintained by the certification in accordance to DIN EN 9001:2015, as well as by the selection of ISO-certified suppliers. A dedicated, qualified team of engineers and sales experts are available to answer questions around your display project.

As an interface for European Medium-Sized Businesses and exclusive Asian partners, we have specialized in customized displays and modules, e.g. LCDs, TFTs, OLEDs and E-Papers, as well as COG-Modules. Our range of services is complemented by products around the display, whereat backlights, light guides, touch panels, elastomeric connectors, metal frames, plastic injection parts, as well as silica keypads, push buttons and control units can be purchased as standalone products without associated Display units.

In response to the increasing complex requirements of the "Digital Age" “M-Tronic Design and Technology GmbH” was founded in 2001. The experienced development team has specialized in hard- and software development of electronic control systems and microcontroller programming, such as ARM based embedded systems. Since the beginning Adkom has been emphasizing on developments and productions in Germany.

Since 2014 we have had a permanent representative in Hong Kong. This provides us with another vital component  for a complete process chain.

In 2017 ADKOM ™ Elektronik GmbH celebrated its 25th anniversary.