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2019-12-12 - Christmas donation 2019

We are giving up this year on a Christmas present for our customers and partners
and instead donate to charities in our area...

2019-12-10 - Hybrid TFT-Displays

A highly interesting new development for e.g. interactive smart home solutions represent hybrid TFTs. These sandwich displays combine information on two display types within one module...

2019-11-21 - Recertification for DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Done! On November 21, 2019 we received the Recertification for DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015, which we successfully passed...

2019-11-15 - ABN LCD Technology - Function and mode of action

ABN LCD Technology - Function and mode of action:
LC-Displays can by treatment (rubbing), according to their application, be produced for optimal contrast in reference to various viewing angles. Vertically viewed (normal line) each displays provides good readability.

2019-10-28 - ADKOM Hong Kong Quality and Logistics Center moves into new premises

In order to have even more space and flexibility for shipping and the entire logistics of your goods throughout the world, we moved into new premises at the end of October with ADKOM Elektronik Hong Kong.
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