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2021-04-30 - Markt und Technik 17/2021

Markt und Technik 17/2021 - An interview with ADKOM Managing Director Jochen Frey

A look at the global delivery situation and availability in the display industry and the entire electronics world.
The current situation is drawn ...

2021-01-20 - The comeback of the pandemic in parts of China

The comeback of the pandemic in parts of China

In the Chinese provinces of Hebei and Liaoning (located in northeast China) the pandemic has flared up again in recent days. Through close contacts to our partners within the affected regions, we learned...

2021-01-11 - Super disaster at Japanese glass manufacturer NEG

Super disaster at Japanese glass manufacturer NEG

A serious incident was reported concerning the Japanese glass manufacturer NEG in mid-December. Meanwhile, the real scope of this message is becoming increasingly clear. NEG is one of the most important glass manufacturers, producing around 16% of the world market demand for panel glass at its Takatsuki and Notogawa locations. The production lines at both locations...

2021-01-04 - Happy New Year - Outlook 2021

Happy New Year - Outlook 2021

The year that has just passed has been an extraordinary one for everyone involved.
Unfortunately, 2021 did not start with better prospects and market conditions and is currently more of a “2020 Reloaded”. At the beginning of the year there are...

2020-12-11 - Christmas donation 2020

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a good, healthy start to the new year.

This year we again consciously forego Christmas presents for our customers and partners and instead donate to the tailwind campaign for disadvantaged children.
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