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2019-11-15 - ABN LCD Technology - Function and mode of action

ABN LCD Technology - Function and mode of action:
LC-Displays can by treatment (rubbing), according to their application, be produced for optimal contrast in reference to various viewing angles. Vertically viewed (normal line) each displays provides good readability.

2019-10-28 - ADKOM Hong Kong Quality and Logistics Center moves into new premises

In order to have even more space and flexibility for shipping and the entire logistics of your goods throughout the world, we moved into new premises at the end of October with ADKOM Elektronik Hong Kong.

2019-10-10 - embedded world 2020

25. - 27. February 2020 // Nuremberg

Visit us - Booth 3-357

2019-09-11 - Round 3.4“ TFT 800x800

Special Shape TFT Displays
Round 3.4“ TFT 800x(RGB)x800 with Cap Touch

2019-08-02 - LC-Displays - Digression in monochrome technologies - Part 2

A unique overview of the individual monochrome LCD technologies. Functioning and structure of the respective technology and other interesting details ...
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