LED-segment displays





LED 7-segment displays are displays which made up of seven visible and switchable LEDs and are used to display digits, also are display letters would be possible to limited extent.

The advantages of the LED segment displays are:

  •  high temperature resistance
  • a very long service life
  • good readability
  • flat design.


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LED-matrix displays

Graphics-capable LED display for indoor and outdoor use. LED matrix displays offer a wide range of possible applications. LED-displays have excellent readability with a large scattering angle (viewing area?). A wide variety of LED matrix modules are available with pixel pitches of 3 to 10mm. If required with aluminium or stainless-steel housing.


In addition to an open protocol description, many software solutions are also available for integrating the LED display. In order to protect the displays from external influences, we can equip them with protective screens on request. Our LED matrix displays are "Made in Germany". We can offer product ranges from customer-specific control panels and large alphanumeric displays to matrix graphic LED-displays.

General technical specifications

  •  LED Matrix Display RGB INDOOR/OUTDOOR
  •  Freely configurable
  •  RGB LEDs with high luminosity and wide beam angle
  •  LED pixel pitches: 2mm, 3mm 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 10mm
  • Operation/control: Open data protocol / Different operating software available for the most diverse areas of application
  •  Completely ready-to-connect device
  •  Freely selectable display sizes
  •  Robust aluminium housing in request RAL colour
  • Optional: stainless steel housing
  •  Anti-glare windscreen
  •  Optional: impact-resistant polycarbonate pane; Acid-resistant glass pane
  •  Degrees of protection: Indoor IP54 / Outdoor IP65
  •  Readable on one side; optionally readable on both sides
  •  12 adjustable brightness levels / automatic brightness control in outdoor areas
  •  Power supply 110 - 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 18-36 VD

                Available interfaces:  RS 232 / RS 485, Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP, CAN bus,                    

                PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, MODBUS, Bluetooth, WLAN, radio, DVI

  •  Other control options:

Analog 0…10, 4…20mA, stopwatch, BCD/SPS, temperature sensor, counter / clock, frequencies

For additional information on the subject, our technical and sales team is at your side.