Hardware Development

M-Tronic Design and Technology GmbH takes over the planning of electronic equipment with optimal usability and persuade with the construction of patterns. After functional and quality control a certificate for EMC testing (Electromagnetic Compatibility) for each product can be performed. In the selection of relevant components, you benefit from many years of experience and close cooperation with our suppliers. So we pay attention, for example, on the long-term availability of components.

The range of services includes:

Made by M-Tronic
  • Feasibility study, assistance in the preparation of specifications
  • Schematic design and layout using Altium Designer
  • Microcontroller based digital circuits
  • Circuits with power supply or DC / DC converter
  • Printed circuit board layout (multilayer)
  • PCB 3D data
  • PCB format according to project requirements
  • Track width and distance 0.1 mm possible
  • Components up to type 0201
  • flexible circuit boards
  • BGA routing, for example, with 0.8 mm pitch
  • Impedance and length-adjusted routing (e.g. RAM routing differential pair routing)
  • Standardized 230V layout of power supplies and 230V circuits
  • virtual 3D-collision check for the fit between housing and PCB       
  • 3D-housingdesign
  • Support plates
  • Shielding
  • Modifications of standard housings
  • Combination of 3D-housing and 3D-PCB
  • Housing-Production under compliance with existing standards e.g. protection class IP65

Services Hardware Development

M-Tronic Embedded System

In troubleshooting or optimization of existing projects M-Tronic can help with:

  • Fault diagnosis in PCB layout
  • Circuit fault
  • Signal interference
  • EMC problems
  • Error Analysis Source (PC, Embedded and Microcontroller)

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