Do I fit in with ADKOM?

Use these statements to see if you fit ADKOM:

:( I'll make my escape before it gets serious!
:) I am responsibly and independently of each new task!

:( I feel really good as a cog in a big machine!
:) I need responsibility and freedom to implement my ideas!

:( I need someone to tell me what to do!
:) I know what I can and what I can decide, and I do, too!

:( Fortunately, there are superiors who tell me where to go!
:) I like challenges, even if the wind blows in my face!

:( I only can be creative in the protection of large groups!
:) I can channel my wealth of ideas and implement them independently and successfully in the interests of the company!

How should the application be made?

You can apply to ADKOM both by email and by post. The type of application has no influence on the preselection. However, when applying by e-mail, you should preferably group your documents in a PDF document. The contact information can be found here.

Which documents belong to a complete application?

Your application should include at least the following documents:

  • personal cover letter
  • curriculum vitae
  • copies of school leaving certificates
  • if applicable, copies of training or study certificates
  • if applicable, copies of internships and employment certificates
  • proof of relevant additional qualifications

What will happen after my written application?

If your profile complies with the requirements of our job advertisement and is interesting for us, then you will receive an invitation to an initial meeting.

Please understand that conscientious examination of your application documents can take some time. We will contact you as soon as possible.