Elastomeric Connector / Zebra Connector

Elastomeric Connectors, also called Zebra Connectors or Rubber connectors are used for contacting an LCD with the underlying printed circuit board. The composition out of conductive and non-conductive sections within the elastomeric connector is a cost efficient contact version.

Thereby the display is fixed on the circuit board by a housing or frame and contacted via the elastomeric connector . An overview about the various types,  offered, including information on dimensions compositions, and tolerances, you will find as download on "Product Information elastomeric connectors". As there is sometimes a different view of things in Asia, and in order to ensure a clear naming of the dimensions (L X W X H), the form for the determination of Elastomeric Connectors, which is also available for download, can be helpful for you.

Depending on the application, Elastomeric Connectors are available in various designs, types and shore hardness. The dimensions can be individually adapted to your specific requirements and contact areas.

Further contacting possibilities are Pins, FPC or Heat seal.

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Information Elastomeric Connector


Information as to sizing of elastomeric connectors