COG Modules

The name COG is standing for chip-on-glass technology in reference to displays. The driver IC in this construction form is applied directly onto the glass and generates the necessary multiplex rates and bias voltages for the segment/pixel drive. Thereby only the power supply and a communication interface (e.g. I²C, SPI) must be made available on the user side. Only a few lines from the COG module to the board are needed with these serial interfaces,. Usually the contacting of the COG modules takes place via FPC or PINs.


Graphic- and Alphanumeric COG-Modules

COG-Lösungen 2

We offer a range of standard COG modules in the common technologies, such as STN or FSTN, as well as in transflective-, transmissive- or reflective version. Depending on type, the LCD can be illuminated with a backlight (e.g. white, blue, yellow/green, green, RGB).

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If you cannot find a suitable COG-Module in our standard program, we will be happy to develop a customized solution, as required specifically for your application, or get support from our sales team.

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In-Cell Touch Technology with segmented COG-Modules

Interaction with Segments

The so-called In-Cell Touch Technology enables integration of capacitive touch areas into a segment-based LCD. That way, no additional glass for touch functionality is necessary, the touch becomes in-plane with the display.

This particular display IC can be addressed either by SPI or I²C. An extended temperature range is also obtainable, as well as power supplies in the range of 2,5 V up to 5,5 V. As „Low Power Consumption“-IC designed, this technology is just as attractive for battery applications as for permanently installed displays in measurement devices. Protective covers, glass based or acrylic, are possible without interference of the touch.

The herein provided video sequence illustrates the function of such an In-Cell Touch LCDs.

For more information we would like to refer to our ADKOMunity Newsletter. Of course, we welcome your questions, too, please contact us.


PMVA Technology - An alternative to TFT & Co.

A real alternative in the development of new products with the proviso to a modern appearance, the PMVA technology can vouch for. PMVA stands for „Passive Matrix Vertical Alignment“ and its outstanding advantages are:

  • Background deep black
  • Temperature stability of the black value for the entire range of -30°C to +80°C
  • Extremely wide viewing angles in all directions
  • Very high contrast
  • Sequential coloration available
  • suitable for all kinds of backlight
  • Touch implementation possible

Detailed information about this technology we have set for you under the heading "worth knowing about displays".

Segment COG-Modules


A customized segment solution with COG-drivers, we develop according to your requirements and specifications.

Please contact us!

COG- Technology for Segment Displays

With the COG drivers, ML1001 and ML2002, we can provide two IC series for segment displays in the chip-on-glass technology. Both series enable highest contrast and viewing angles, without temperature compensation.

Thereby the ML1001 operates in a voltage range of 2-6 volts and ML2002 from 2.5-6 volts. Both versions come with an integrated RC oscillator with a frequency of 32KHz. For data sheets and more information about both driver ICs, please click here.