10.1" TFT

10.1" TFT

A 10,1” TFT isn’t new at all …

...but being furnished by an extraordinary attractive price, this TFT is provided with a controller board, MIPI standard interface converting to LVDS and thus offers a more of flexibility for your product design.

The technical data of this monitor are in detail :

Resolution 800*1280 WXGA
Display mode: IPS, transmissive
Outline dimension: 140,4*225,8 mm
Active Area: 136,6* 216,75 mm
Backlight: LED, white
Temperature range: OP -20°C up to +70°C
Touch: optional
Controller board MIPI < - > LVDS converter

This long-term available, for industrial application construed TFT can become a great enrichment as interface of your HMI-application.