ABN LCD Technology - Function and mode of action

ABN LCD Technology - Function and mode of action
ABN Display

ABN LCD Technology - Function and mode of action
The way of looking at things is vitally important!

LC-Displays can by treatment (rubbing), according to their application, be produced for optimal contrast in reference to various viewing angles.

Vertically viewed (normal line) each displays provides good readability.  Beyond this vertical line this legibility plummets. Secondary to the “normal line” a viewing direction is always specified. Analog to a clock face following viewing directions are classified: 1200, 300, 600 and 900.

The aforementioned applies in particular to ABN or VA technology, which generate a modern image in negative mode. The so-called Advanced Black Nematic (ABN) or Vertical Alignment (VA) technology are – due to technical limitations – also afflicted with restrictions. To maintain the effect of the deep black background and the excellent contrast it is necessary to define the optimal viewing direction for your application in order to counteract the damping of the background. Therefore, due to the functionality of ABN displays we provided an essay for you.

Is an optimal viewing angle not clearly assignable, as your product is universally installed in viewing angle and -height, there is a corrective in terms of Multi Domain ABN (also referred to as MVA).
The segmentation of the Indium-Tin-Oxide glass coating allows a view from all sides. The so-called blind spot does not appear. Thus the Multi Domain is a genuine  alternative for a modern display.

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