Introduction Oliver Kreiter

Introduction Oliver Kreiter

For 20 years member of ADKOM sales team

Oliver Kreiter: „Creative systems, which cooperate with humans”

“We are in the middle of the goings-on” says Oliver Kreiter, since 1999 at home at ADKOM Elektronik GmbH. For 20 years the 46-years-old has been working at ADKOM – then until now in the sales department. “What is fascinating me, is that up until now we have preserved prompt and speedy decisions – and have always been a personal counterpart for our customers.”

Oliver Kreiter has got in re electronic his finger at the pulse of developments. “ We will yet experience a lot of changes. In the process the focus will shift to feelings and feeling creating systems. An extremely exciting topic. It demands from us to stay tuned to the matter and progress in order to keep pace with pulsating environment. Thus Oliver Kreiter has got clear ideas, on which looks will be directed at. “For me, creative and fabricating systems which cooperate and act with humans and in doing so develop nearly imaginable results in an aesthetic and artistic level are imaginable. The coming decade will reach alongside the progressing of virtual reality and new step of evolution. However, it is important for him, to know the “human” as “watchdog” with sanity and reason.

No wonder that his hobbies represent a clear balance to the computer and display world: „I love animals, sports and I like to listen to music, I enjoy going out, driving convertibles and look forward to long walks in nature.“ Therefore, he does not shy away from the more and more faster speed in the industry of ADKOM. „Let‘s just see it from a different angle: If the pace is high, we save time. Time that we can use for relaxation and rest.“ He also gives a tip: “Everyone should live and lead the life in the speed that feels good for themselves.“