Hybrid TFT-Displays

Hybrid TFT-Displays
Hybrid TFT-Display

"smart" displays meet "smart" applications

A highly interesting new development for e.g. interactive smart home solutions represent hybrid TFTs. These sandwich displays combine information on two display types within one module.

Offered in sizes between 3,5” and 10,1” the lower display unit of the module is a RGB-TFT with LED-backlight. The level above is a LCD for monochrome imaging – optionally in positive or negative mode. On top of the two displays resides a- for both- usable capacitive touch.

A Hybrid-display establishes technical perspective for a variety of applications like IOT, access- and smart home systems and a good deal more.

To give an impression of the possible functionalities of the module, we provided a short video for you. Our example shows a formidable liaison of the colorful TFT-world in connection with the utilization of monochrome LCD-presentation at the end of the sequence.

More detailled information about this technology can be found here.