We can Display.

The suitable system for everyone

Making information visible - that's what we've been talking about for three decades. As a partner of the industry, our focus is on design, development and procurement of display systems for the visualization of information.

We can display - but not only. On the following pages we will inform you about our entire service and product portfolio and of course about ADKOM itself.

DISPLAY Technology

With our displays we open up new worlds for your ideas.

Each project has its own, new requirements. We assist you with the selection, development and integration of your display solution - from the initial idea to mass production. Discover the variety of display systems for the industrial environment.

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All around Display

Experience. Creativity. Know-how.

When it comes to the assembly of displays, we know what matters: Lighting, contacting, input systems or frames and voltage regulators. To make everything work as it should, you will find the fitting components here.

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All Around Display

EMBEDDED & Development

Always one step ahead.

We develop future. With the founding of our partner company M-Tronic Design and Technology we have expanded our range of services to the fields of electronic development and production of digital control systems. Thus we already thought ahead in 2001. What can we develop for you?

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We are Adkom

We make Information visible.

When it comes to display technologies for industrial applications we are experts on all levels of team work. Consultative, dedicated and qualified, our multidisciplinary team attends you from the first idea to the technical integration of your display project. Why can we do so? We are ADKOM.

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2020-11-23 - On-going effects of the pandemic on the display delivery situation

On-going effects of the pandemic on the display delivery situation

There is increasing information that deals with the current difficult procurement situation for display components such as TFT panels, certain driver ICs and polarizers. Along with, in some cases, clearly noticeable price increases, delivery times are mentioned that...

2020-11-16 - Introduction of Ursula Taylor

Introduction of Ursula Taylor
Complaints and Adjustments Management

Ursula Taylor has been working at ADKOM for many years, almost from day one at our company.
Many customers on the one hand, and suppliers on the other hand, have already been in contact with her when...

2020-11-04 - Standard display with individual look

Individually designed standard displays for industry

The display production leaves room for maneuver to give standard displays an individual look. Many companies with small to medium-sized production quantities would like to give their product a unique look and thus create a unique selling point compared to the competition.

2020-10-29 - Current freight situation for imports from China and Hong Kong

Current freight situation for imports from China and Hong Kong

The freight situation for imports has been extremely tense since the beginning of the corona pandemic and, despite some improvements, has still not returned to normal.
One of the main reasons...

2020-10-08 - electronica Kompass, trend guide 2020

electronica compass 2020 - Trends and hurdles in the display industry

Markt & Technik asked companies about the current and future situation. Including ADKOM.
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